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The German Central Authority keeps extensive statistics on proceedings under the Hague Child Abduction Convention, the European Custody Convention and the Brussels II a-Regulation in which it is involved. This includes proceedings aiming at the return of children who have been wrongfully removed to, or retained in, a Contracting State other than the Contracting State of their habitual residence, but also to transfrontier rights of contact between a child and a person seeking contact who is living in another State than the child. The statistics reflect cornerstones of the processing of applications as to substance and timeframe. Another important aim is the making available of data which could be of use for a scientific analysis of the legal and factual questions at issue.

The statistics only reflect proceedings in which the German Central Authority was involved. In return and contact proceedings as well as in proceedings aiming at the recognition and, in appropriate cases, the enforcement of a foreign custody or contact order, the parties can also immediately apply to the courts in Germany or abroad without seeking the assistance of the German Central Authority. Such proceedings are not covered in the statistics kept here.

In the statistics concerning return cases, a distinction is made between cases where a child living in Germany has been wrongfully removed abroad or is being retained there (outgoing cases) and the reverse case where children habitually resident abroad were wrongfully removed to Germany or have been retained here (incoming cases). In the same way, proceedings concerning a cross-border right of access have been included.

Since 2004, statistics covering the preceding two years are being posted on the Internet; an update is provided in the first half of each year.

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