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On the following pages we would like to inform you how the Federal Office of Justice as Central Authority can assist you if you and your child are affected by a cross-border conflict relating to custody or access/contact or international child abduction, or if a risk exists for such conflict to arise. This overview provides initial information on legal bases, cost issues and the States bound by the relevant international and European legal provisions, but also on other options such as, e.g., mediation. A list of links will help you to identify other bodies which might be able to assist you. In addition you can download application forms in German and many other languages if you intend to file an application for the return of a child, for organizing or securing a cross-border right of access or for the recognition of a custody or contact order with the Federal Office of Justice, a foreign Central Authority or directly with the competent court in Germany or abroad.

German youth welfare offices and courts envisaging the placement of a child in an institution or a foster family abroad will find information on the consultation procedure required in numerous States prior to the placement. For foreign authorities and courts intending to place a child in Germany, the details of the consultation procedure in Germany will be explained.

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